Fibree Working Groups

FIBREE Working Groups are organized around specific topics related to blockchain and real estate. The aim of the working groups is to share insides gathered from its participants from across the globe. Participating in a FIBREE working group is possible for Regional (co-)chairs and by corporate representatives of global, regional or specific working group sponsors of FIBREE. At this moment there are 11 different working groups within FIBREE. They are mentioned below. By clicking on ‘more info’ at the working group of your interest you can find out more about this specific working group.

Working Group
Unique Object Identifier

This FIBREE Working Groups focusses on how a Unique Object Identifier (UOI) system can help to create interoperable decentralized database-landscapes for the real estate environment. Having a UOI-systematic as a key-element of the global data-infrastructure can have great value for the real estate sector, especially when it is developed and adopted by a large international consortium of public and private stakeholders to the sector.

Working Group
Future Governance

As FIBREE is growing the organization we face certain challenges, which we want to tackle by eating „our own dogfood“ – means using blockchain. We are exploring  two organizational processes at the moment. First one is a simple voting process which is actually needed for our board meetings. Additionally we are exploring possibilities to support our funding process – the goal is to make financial flow in Fibree more transparent and compliant to Anti-Money-Laundering regulations.