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The leading international network for exchanging knowledge between the real estate industry, the IT sector and blockchain technology.

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Gladly let us know if you want to support the FIBREE network, open a chapter in your city or if you want to launch an event centered around the topic of blockchain and real estate. We're happy to hear from you!

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Meet the team

Achim Jedelsky

Berlin, Germany

Alessandro Dell'Orto

Milano, Italy

Denis Petrovcic

Lublijana, Slovenia

Florian Huber

Vienna, Austria

Jo Bronckers

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Michael Trübestein

Zug, Switzerland

Tomica Cesar

Zagreb, Croatia

Walter Strametz

Graz, Austria

Mariam Turashvili

Tblisi, Georgia

Brock Freeman

Seattle, USA

Alexandra Levin Kramer

New York City, USA

John Dean Markunas

New York City, USA

Jan Veuger

Groningen, Netherlands

Or Perelman

Tel Aviv, Israel

Fabian Süß, RC Stuttgart

RC Stuttgart, Germany

Gordon Christian

Agnes Water, Australia

Rajesh Dsouza

Bangalore, India

Rafael Stocco

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Roland Farhat

Frankfurt, Germany

Geoffrey Kasselman

Chicago, USA

Sebastian Hewing

Taipeh, Taiwan

Eric Bryant

Orange County (Los Angeles), USA

Sagar Brahmbhatt

Melbourne, Australia

Ranga Krishnan

San Francisco Bay Area, USA

Peter Su

Palo Alto, California, USA

Ali Parandeh Zandpour

Andalucia Area, Spain

Nathan Wosnack

Santiago de Chile

Vicente Ortiz

Andalucia Area, Spain

Alexander Morari

Warsaw, Poland

Adrian Karczewicz

Warsaw, Poland

Sylwia Toczyska

Warsaw, Poland

Samuel Ouko

Nairobi, Kenya

Miguel Linera

Madrid, Spain

Gary Brandeis

Philadelphia, USA

Alexander Appelmans

Brussels, Belgium

Mustafa Shinnar

Dubai, UAE

Alfredo Diaz-Araque Moro

Madrid, Spain

Paul Hülsmann

Hamburg, Germany

Marc Driessen

Hamburg, Germany

Cody Weiss

Calgary, Canada

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FIBREE is Non-Profit

Fibree is an non-profit organisation with the goal to connect people and organizations within the intersection of BLOCKCHAIN and REAL ESTATE.

Our Vision

Learn about who we are, our values, where we want to go to and how we going to get there.

Open Vision

Our Statutes

Founded in the Netherlands, here is a translation of our foundation statutes.

Open Statutes

Internal Regulations

As a community we build on trust. Anyhow - we try to be clear about what roles we have and what it is expected from those roles.

Open Regulations

More Insights

Learn more about FIBREE, read data about its foundation and founders, as well as finacial insights.

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