FIBREE Consulting Services

FIBREE Consulting Services

Build your project with the help the world’s largest network of blockchain an real estate experts

Tokenize and Digitize Real Estate  with FIBREE

With FIBREE you can benefit from the most extensive network of experts worldwide for the area of digital assets in real estate. Let us help to find the best partners for your own venture. 

1. Initial Call

Let’s talk about what is on your mind and where you are located to find the best experts for you. 

2. Propose Team

 FIBREE will present a team of independent experts and partners, who will work on the Tokenization Concept. 

3. Tokenization Concept

The Concept can have 20 slides and gives answers to legal questions, IT blueprint, estimated costs, milestones and marketing. 

4. Implementation

FIBREE sets up the invitation of tenders and spread it within our extensive network of partners.

Walter Strametz

Your initial call with Walter

Walter co-founder and boardmember of FIBREE, initiator of – the largest blockchain & real esate conference in Europa  and the FIBREE world summit  which means he is well connected and aware about the industry. Through his company he run several tokenization projects and knows by experience what it takes to get things done.