FIBREE Consulting Services

FIBREE Consulting Services

Build your project with the help the world’s largest network of blockchain an real estate experts

Tokenize and Digitize Real Estate  with FIBREE

With FIBREE you can benefit from the most extensive network of experts worldwide for the area of digital assets in real estate. Let us help to find the best partners for your own venture. 

1. Initial Call

Let’s talk about what is on your mind and where you are located to find the best experts for you. 

2. Propose Team

 FIBREE will present a team of independent experts and partners, who will work on the Tokenization Concept. 

3. Tokenization Concept

The Concept can have 20 slides and gives answers to legal questions, IT blueprint, estimated costs, milestones and marketing. 

4. Implementation

FIBREE sets up the invitation of tenders and spread it within our extensive network of partners.

Walter Strametz

Talk with FIBREE about Tokenization

Target group: You want to investigate your business model and want to validate your idea and  prepare a solid tokenization concept.

Talk to FIBREE about your Tokenization venture.  After having heard your background we will propose next steps and eventually set up a team of FIBREE star-team  to work on your case.  As a result you will get a Tokenization concept which covers all aspects, plus a landing page to test your value propsition and to get first business leads.

Contact us for more details.

Unique Object Identifier

Target group: You are a govermental body and want to provide an infrastructure for digital assets in real estate.

Before DLT can have more added value, it is important to have an optimized data-infrastructure for the built environment that enables better interoperability of dynamic real estate data. The real estate life cycle stretches over multiple decades and the industry chain is very fragmented. Accurate data up-keeping in such a situation and – as a result – data-reliability is sub-optimal. How can in a growing data-landscape information-exchange be engineered in a more efficient way, according to design and system-engineering principles of Industry 4.0? A Unique Object Identifying-system (UOI), could be a key infrastructure element to that. 

For more info or interested to join these external consortia, please let us know via:

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Target group: You are a startup, and IT or legal service provider and want to get leads via the FIBREE platform. 

You are offering services or a platform for tokenization and digital assets? You run a token exchange? You want to get business leads from the real estate industry  or looking for real estate to tokenize? Our pricing model consists of an annual listing fee and CPL – means the advertiser pays a pre-established price for each lead generated.  Please get in touch with FIBREE:

FIBREE has special consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations (ECOSOC) since 2022

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