FIBREE Code of Conduct

Who is this Code of Conduct for?

  • Regional Chairs
  • Board Members
  • Regional Coordinators
  • By pursuing these roles the code of conduct is accepted. If not agreed, a veto has to be issued to
  • Business Conduct
Members do their business in a responsible and transparent way, and do not engage in practices which would be potentially or factually damaging to the image and interests of the FIBREE and the ecosystem. FIBREE does not support or engage in investment opportunities, e.g. in marketing of ICOs.  It is strictly prohibited to use FIBREE brand or membership for doing so.

Obligations as Regional Chair

As Regional Chair takes responsibility in running a local community actively. If not pursued due to any reasons, a Regional Chair should propose Co-Chair or a new Regional Chair to manage a community. The term “actively” relates to organizing two meetups a year, engage in research or add similar value to the network in different, but transparent ways.

Using invites

Regional Chairs may invite members (a.k.a participants) to Slack. The Regional Chairs take full responsibility on a members behaviour in Slack. It is strictly forbidden to advertise investment opportunities for ICOs or similar.

Property Rights

Members respect property rights of others, such as intellectual property rights, brand names or copyrights associated with FIBREE.

True and Fair Communication

Members commit to full, accurate, timely and understandable communication. In compliance with their confidentiality obligations, members are encouraged to disclose any form of mismanagement, corruption, incident, illegality, wrongdoing and any other serious infringements of the rules FIBREE Board

Breaches / Disciplinary Action

Members accept that any breach of the Code can result in disciplinary actions, which, depending upon the nature and severity of the breach, include written warnings, and – in case of serious breaches – expulsion from the FIBREE.

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