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FIBREE Daily Task and Executive Board

FIBREE stands as a pioneering force in the real estate industry, driving innovation and progress through the expertise and insights of its team. With a firm commitment to enhancing the adoption and implementation of blockchain technology in the real estate market, FIBREE is fueled by a passion for pushing boundaries and fostering collaboration. Supported by a network of seasoned professionals who add value to the field, FIBREE stands at the forefront of the industry, poised to drive change and transform the future of real estate.

Jo Bronckers

President – Amsterdam, Netherlands

As the President of FIBREE, the Foundation for International Blockchain and Real Estate Expertise, Jo Bronckers is an industry leader with over 20 years of experience in real estate finance and institutional investment. Jo has held key roles at various Dutch real estate corporates throughout his career, including FGH Bank, Rabobank Real Estate Division, DLL, IVBN, and Vesteda.

Jo’s innovative mindset and passion for business development have led him to explore blockchain technology since 2014, specifically focusing on its potential applications to real estate processes. As the founder of Blockchain2RealEstate, Jo offers consultancy services to organizations that are eager to explore, develop, or get connected to the right business partners for their blockchain experiments in real estate.

With his extensive knowledge of the Real Estate industry and blockchain technology, Jo is a sought-after expert. He brings expertise to every project he works on and continually strives to push the industry forward. Jo’s dedication and commitment to innovation have made him a respected figure in the Real Estate community, and his work at FIBREE is helping to pave the way for the adoption of blockchain technology in the industry.

Cristina Campian
Cristina Campian

Vice-President, Secretary & Regional Chair Compliance – Lisbon, Portugal

Cristina is an innovative financial advisor and versatile licensed realtor (Investments, GDPR, contracts, Tax, Blockchain in Real Estate, Proptech) focused on improving real estate services. With over twenty years of experience in corporate finance and real estate, she is constantly working on digital transformation for the real estate industry, resulting in successful outcomes.

Cristina’s best aptitudes are creativity and resilience, allowing her to develop expertise in new tech development (Project Management, Agile, Lean Management, Design Thinking, etc.). As an Executive Board Member for FIBREE, she plays an active role in the use and application of Blockchain in the Real Estate industry, implementing new technologies such as Document Automation, collaborative platforms, chatbots, document review, and signature platforms.

Cristina founded companies like royalestates.using and applyingpt,, and the creator of innovative projects like She is also the CEO of Mercury Vortex, Big Ed, and Vanguard 88, bringing innovation and speed to high-frequency digital asset trading.

Walter Strametz

Vice-President, Treasurer / CFO – Zug, Switzerland

Walter is active in the blockchain industry since 2014 and contributed to about a dozen blockchain projects in Switzerland working as executive board member in the consulting industry. Today he is CTO of world’s first Crypto Bank “” which is located with two headquarters in Switzerland and Singapore. For the German-Austrian-Swiss region he organizes the “” which is the largest annual conference on blockchain and real estate in the FIBREE ecosystem. 


Alexandra Popa

Alexandra Popa

Online Community Lead

An accomplished professional with a passion for community building and project management. With an M.Sc. in HRM from the University of Groningen and currently pursuing an M.Sc. in Business Administration from the same university, she has honed her problem-solving, communication, leadership, and organizational skills.

She serves as a Community Manager at FIBREE, the leading international network for exchanging knowledge between the real estate industry, the IT sector, and blockchain technology. In addition, she also holds the position of Project Manager at the ICONIC Cluster, where she has demonstrated a keen focus on efficiency, effectiveness, and motivation.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Alexandra believes in the power of community to drive growth and innovation. As a result, she approaches her work and personal life with a willingness to take on new challenges, constantly expanding her skills in areas such as writing funding projects, recruiting and training, organizing events, and managing social media.

Achim Jedelsky

Online Community Platform – Berlin, Germany

Achim is an accomplished architect and project manager with vast experience in Germany, the USA, and the UK. He holds an MBA from Vlerick Business School in Belgium. For six years, Achim led the IT and digital strategy for Daimler Real Estate, the corporate real estate branch of Daimler AG.

Achim’s expertise in innovation and blockchain technology in the real estate industry led him to co-found FIBREE, where he served as President. He is also an advisory board member at Built Worlds, a leading innovation ecosystem in real estate.

As a sought-after speaker at MIPIM Cannes and Blockchain Expo Berlin, Achim promotes innovation in real estate with a specific focus on blockchain technology. He is also a founding member of the German Blockchain Association, advocating for including blockchain and distributed ledger technologies (DTL) in the political agenda.

In 2016, Achim started the meetup group ‘Blockchain for Real Estate’ in Berlin, showcasing his passion for technology’s potential to transform the real estate industry. As a consultant for digital transformation and blockchain in real estate, he works tirelessly to bring the benefits of blockchain to the real estate industry.

Achim is an integral part of the FIBREE community, where he is deeply involved in building and maintaining the network. With his extensive experience and vast knowledge, Achim is a real estate and blockchain leader, driving innovation and transforming how we think about real estate.

Immanuel Rodulfo

Immanuel J. Rodulfo

Lead for Marketing & Communications – The Hague, Netherlands

Immanuel Rodulfo is a marketing expert with over 15 years of experience. As a content creator, he has published over 300 articles online and has a proven track record of improving brand image and driving company growth as a Marketing Manager. He possesses a strategic mindset and can turn any idea into unique and engaging content that resonates with audiences and increases company engagement. Immanuel enjoys collaborating with a motivated team of professionals to create user-friendly content that is informative and actionable.

As a marketer, Immanuel understands the importance of conducting extensive market research to create effective marketing campaigns. He meticulously researches products and market competition to create more engaging content that yields tangible results. His exceptional attention to detail and ability to keep projects on track have earned him a reputation for being accountable, responsible, and dependable. Immanuel takes ownership of any area or task assigned to him by his employer and consistently strives to exceed expectations.

Immanuel is fluent in English, Dutch, and Spanish and can create marketing content in all three languages. He is dedicated to improving his work environment and achieving success for the companies and people he works with. With his exceptional work ethic, Immanuel is committed to demonstrating how his skills and experience can benefit FIBREE.

John Dean Markunas

Regional Development North America – Miami, USA

John is a real estate industry blockchain consultant based in Miami, Florida, where he is the Principal Consultant of his own firm, Power of Chain Consultancy LLC (PoC). Power of Chain provides blockchain advisory and business development services to startups and mid-size enterprises in the real estate sectors of green energy assets, tokenization, transactional, global land registries and land governance.

Makram Hani

Real Estate Scope – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Entrepreneur, Investor, founder of several successful startups, speaker and corporate trainer, professional consultant and Executive advisor, with Nineteen years Sales, customer service, development and portfolio management experience.

Founder and CEO of Arms &McGregor International Group® including Arms &McGregor Leisure, Vacations, Investments and Realty ®. Aside of running Arms &McGregor International Realty ® Makram is also the Founder of BBP a specialist media and tech agency and have cofounded other Real estate brokerages similar to Morgan’s International Realty and Clemson porter Properties. Regional Chair of FIBREE, the Foundation for International Blockchain and Real Estate Expertise.

Makram is an author or 3 books and more than 200 articles.

Makram’s vision is to Revolutionize real estate as an asset class by Liquifying, adding transparency, removing imperfections and making it accessible. Makram’s concept Real estate 6.0 is considered the future of what the asset class will become.

Specialties: Proptech (tokenization & real estate related Block chain tech), Portfolio development and management, Syndication, Time Share, Fractional Ownership, Private residence club, Real estate, Creative Media Solutions

Andrés Assmus

Board Member – Bogotá, Colombia

Andres is a forward-thinking, business leader and entrepreneur with several ventures under his belt. In 2014 he acknowledged Ethereum’s founders in Toronto, he started learning about Crypto & Blockchain. He has been working in several industries in Business development, for EMEA & The Americas market for almost 15 years.

In 2019 he helped as a Cofounder the first PropTech Association in Latam & bootstrapped CityZeen as the “Netflix of Neighborhoods” to improve community living by leveraging DLT & UAV technologies.

Rubens Neistein

Board Member – São Paulo, Brazil

I am a professional with experience in strategic planning and Blockchain applications for businesses and Real Estate market, mentoring startups and digital businesses.

Since 1999 I have developed several businesses in the Brazilian online market in partnership with other major entrepreneurs.

Over the past 5 years I have dedicated myself to promoting BlockChain technology and the digital assets market, contributing to the development and dissemination of new technologies that will provoke a new revolution in the way we deal with money and trust.

I am currently a Country Manager for CoinPayments, a board member of FIBREE and and a Co-Founder at Insignia.

Specializations: Entrepreneur, E-commerce, Digital Mktg, Startups, Digital Assets, Blockchain, CryptoCurrencies, Security Tokens, Real State Tokens

Kevin O’Grady

Academic Network – London, UK

Kevin is an Experienced Commercial Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the Infrastructure sector. Strong program and project management, skilled in ICMS2 elemental cost planning, procurement, parametric estimation, RICS BIM Project Manager, Blockchain FIBREE London chair, BSI committee member for life cycle costing and RICS CPD trainer.

Denis Petrovcic

Governance Structure and Ethics – Ljubljana, Slovenia

Denis is a forward-thinking, open-minded entrepreneur with a passion for the unknown. After getting acquainted with Ethereum in early 2016 he immersed himself in studying blockchain technology and partnered up with Medius, an IT development company.

In 2018 Denis co-founded Blocksquare, a company leveraging blockchain technology to enable established real estate businesses worldwide to easily create and issue tokens linked to real estate properties, opening the world of real estate investments to anyone with an internet connection.

FIBREE has special consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations (ECOSOC) since 2022

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