Blockchain Real Estate Industry Report

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Blockchain Real Estate Industry Report

Second global industry report "Blockchain Real Estate" published by FIBREE

Vienna, 16 July 2020

It is the second year in succession this report is being released by FIBREE. The hype around blockchain that we still felt last year eased off dramatically. This is easily proven with the numbers of blockchain related real estate products we found this year: less than 300 - compared to last year when we still listed more than 500 products. The upside of this development is that we are now able - with less noise around the technology - to focus on delivering true value to the industry.

First global industry report „Blockchain Real Estate“ published by FIBREE

Paris, 1 July 2019

The FIBREE Industry Report highlights that blockchain is not just a local phenomenon. The action is happening in every continent and there are multiple hotspots equally spread throughout the world. USA is the country and London the city with most blockchain initiatives for real estate. Despite its true potential is still relatively unknown in many local markets, the number of ‚blockchain for real estate‘-initiatives has increased rapidly since 2016. FIBREE gathered and analyzed information about more than 500 existing products and asked its 55 regional chairs about the local state of the market.

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