Future FIBREE Governance

Since its founding, FIBREE has gone through an exceptional growth nobody expected. Still we see ourselves as a grass-root organization to bring together real estate professionals with an interest in blockchain. We have been founded as a non-profit in the Netherlands and run almost 100 communities worldwide, on every continent. Reflecting this development, we have already welcomed new members to the board, who come from areas outside of Europe like the U.S., Australia or China.  Growing the organization bring new challenges, some of them we want to tackle by eating “our own dogfood” – means using blockchain. If you think of blockchain running an organization you might already think of a “DAO” – a decentralized autonomous organization. A DAO is about implementing the statutes of an organization as a Smart Contract. A Smart Contract is a small computer program which basically runs certain organizational processes on the blockchain. For this working group, the FIBREE board has picked two processes to be further investigated – and implemented – on the blockchain.

We have identified following areas of focus :

1. Identity, voting and funding processes on blockchain

2. Explore technology and solutions 

a) Provide a “MVP” solution for board voting as physical board meetings become expensive 
b) The identity of participants of any relevant process  should be clearly established, despite the anonymous nature of blockchain applications.
c) The result is transferent to the public and cannot be falsified.
d)  Solutions need to be compliant with existing laws and statutes, especially for funding process.

3. Expeced outcomes :

a) Working software available to everybody who is interested in testing and contributing.
b) Documentation of tested solutions and learning points to be used for industry report and blogs. 

Join to shape the future of FIBREE!

You may join the working group as a regional chair or as a sponsor. Contact walter.strametz@fibree.org.

FIBREE has special consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations (ECOSOC) since 2022

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