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NEW: Ongoing FIBREE Tokenization Survey
We invite every active Real Estate Tokenization-provider in the world to participate in the newly created ongoing FIBREE tokenization survey.
Help FIBREE shape the market for Real Estate Tokenization
The Tokenization working group within FIBREE has recently taken the initiative to launch an ongoing survey specifically aimed at active real estate tokenization providers. By participating in FIBREE’s ongoing real estate tokenisation survey, you are, in effect, promoting your own market development. Insights Will be agregated and on a frequent basis returned to the market and stakeholders.
Survey for existing propositions on individual project-level
Only if your tokenized real estate proposition is already offered in the market, we invite you to participate in the study. Filling the survey is required on a proposition-level instead of a company-level! If your company is offering more than one proposition, please fill the questionnaire for each proposition.
Walter Strametz

Talk with FIBREE about Tokenization

Target group: You want to investigate your business model and want to validate your idea and  prepare a solid tokenization concept.

Talk to FIBREE about your Tokenization venture.  After having heard your background we will propose next steps and eventually set up a team of FIBREE star-team  to work on your case.  As a result you will get a Tokenization concept which covers all aspects, plus a landing page to test your value propsition and to get first business leads.

Contact us for more details.  

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