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FIBREE strives to finance the activities it organises from sponsorship income. This is in line with the set-up as a not for profit organization of professionals for professionals. FIBREE wants to contribute in developing, collecting, exchanging and educating the market on specific topics that unite these professionals in our community. Organising online and regional meetups, publishing global as well as regional industry reports overviewing developments in blockchain use cases for real estate and curating updated databases available on the FIBREE participant website are the most tangible products that FIBREE realizes for its target group with the help of the sponsoring income. We have an Academic board that focuses on initiating global exchanging of know how via scientific education- and research-programs and encouraging students to further explore the realm of blockchain and real estate. To this end, FIBREE offers three attractive sponsorship packages in which the sponsor is offered an attractive counter value:

Working Group
Featured Web Entry
FIBREE Webinars
Local Meet-Ups
Local Events
FIBREE Newsletter
FIBREE Industry-Report
Global Events
FIBREE World Summit

* duration of sponsorship agreement: flexible (mininum one year)

Topic Sponsorship 

Topic sponsorships are closely related to FIBREE Working Groups or a FIBREE global webinar, which are organized around specific topics in blockchain and real estate. The aim of the working groups is to share insides gathered from its participants from across the globe and create content that can be used in publications, online webinars and keynotes at corporate events. Participating in a FIBREE working group is possible for regional (co-)chairs and by corporate representatives of global, regional or specific topic-sponsors of FIBREE.

Our value proposition: Attribution of your name as a topic-sponsor of a specific working group / webinar. Access to the specific working group and create global visibility via logo-placement at the output of the specfic working group and webinar.

Regional Sponsorship

Regional sponsorships support FIBREE’s activities and presence in a given region e.g. countries or areas which are represented by FIBREE regional-chairs. Local physical or online meet-ups or events are the backbone of each region’s activities connecting the local community with the latest insights around blockchain and real estate. And local communities are via the global FIBREE network connected to specific experts across the world.

Our value proposition: Attribution of your name as regional sponsor on the FIBREE website as strong partner, in the annual industry-report and at local FIBREE meet-ups and (online) events in the region concerned.

Global Sponsorship

The global sponsorship package covers the full scope of activities within the network of FIBREE. Be centrally present on all meet-ups and (online) events held by our regional-chairs globally aswell as the major events like the FIBREE-World-Summit and other important gatherings which FIBREE hosts or supports. Show yourself as innovation leader in our annual industry report. Benefit from our worldwide coverage through our newsletter and social-media activities.

Our value proposition: Attribution of your name as a Global Sponsor on the FIBREE website as strong partner, in the annual industry-report and at all local and global FIBREE (online) events.

Fibree Coverage* & Benefits

FIBREE is present in every continent in the world via local representatives and professionals that like to exchange their specific expertise and together build the backbone of our network. We reach out to our community via multiple channels: Local meet-ups, working groups, frequent online webinars, academic board, events, web presence and social-media channels. We can also provide customized content for corporate keynotes.

* As of March 2020


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FIBREE is constantly growing. From 8 locations in Europe in July 2018 to more than 55 locations in more than 35 countries by September 2020.

19 sponsors and strong partners strengthen the collaboration across the globe.

Release of the second annual blockchain real estate industry report in July 2020, embracing 120 pages of experts knowledge and local insights.

Annual FIBREE World-Summit within the framework of local Blockchain Real Estate conference in Vienna, bringing global representatives together.

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FIBREE was founded in Amsterdam in 2018 bringing together real estate professionals and blockchain specialists from all over the world to exchange expertise. Get in touch with us and let us know your story. Join the largest blockchain and real estate community.

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