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FIBREE is organized via Meet-Ups by its regional chairs. We aim to connect the local players on a regular basis. Listen to real estate experts how they see digitalization on the move or touch base with start-ups changing the industry with their new digital solutions. The local events are your interception between blockchain technology and the real estate market.

Meet-Ups are published chronologically within our five global regions. Are you missing your local community? Reach out to us if you want to engage with FIBREE to create your own regional chair and start building your own meet-up straight away.


Blockchain & Real Estate – FIBREE MILANO MEETUP #4

To close 2019, FIBREE Milano presents the Working Groups, which will be the novelty in the programming of activities in 2020. The Working Groups, open to all companies and professionals blockchain, will be the innovative tool for collaboration and
cooperation to deepen and implement concrete models of Blockchain applications on real estate cases.


Milano, Italy

9 December 2019
06:30 PM – 08:30 PM

FIBREE meet up Athens: Blockchain & Real Estate

Are you a real estate pro ? An investment expert ? Involved in blockchain technology or simply eager to learn about future solutions ?

We are inviting everyone who is interested in exchanging knowledge and learning more about blockchain & real estate.

Join a group of pioneers whose aim is to tokenize real estate on a global scale and make investments accessible for everyone via blockchain technology.


Athens, Greece

12 December 2019
07:00 PM – 09:00 PM

Workshop: Izzivi nepremičninske industrije v Sloveniji


Ljubljana, Slovenia

21 January 2020
07:45 AM – 09:15 AM

Past Meet-Ups

Ljubljana, Slovenia
26 November 2019

Tech is coming to real estate. How are we embracing this change in Slovenia?

Amsterdam, Netherlands
21 November 2019

FIBREE NL-Meetup: ‚Orchestration of building data‘

Vienna, Austria
19 November 2019

Switzerland and Liechtenstein as pioneers in the tokenisation of real estate

St. Julians, Malta
8 November 2019


Berlin, Germany
7 November 2019

#20 Blockchain for Real Estate

Frankfurt a. Main, Germany
22 October 2019

Denver Blockchain Week – 2019 Global Industry Report

Marbella, Spain
01 October 2019

Proptech: Como aumentar tus ventas y financiar proyectos.

Denver, Colorado
30 September 2019

Denver Blockchain Week – 2019 Global Industry Report

Denver, Colorado
30 September 2019

Denver Blockchain Week – 2019 Global Industry Report

Irvine, California
30 September 2019

Conversations w/ CEO’s Walking the Walk for Blockchain in Real Estate – Part 3

Jerusalem, Israel
18 September 2019

Introduction to innovative real estate technologies

Tel Aviv, Israel
9 September 2019

Real Estate Shark Tank: Tokenization Edition(Blockchain Week Israel Event)

Brisbane, Australia
25 July 2019

Exploring Smart Contracts – Free Event

Zurich, Switzerland
10 July 2019

FIBREE Meet-Up in July 2019 (10 July 2019)

Berlin, Germany
04 July 2019

#18 Blockchain for Real Estate

Vienna, Austria
27 June 2019

Blockchain and Real Estate – The transformation of the industry beginns.

Irvine, California
24 June 2019

Conversations w/ CEO’s Walking the Walk for Blockchain in Real Estate – Part 1

Brisbane, Australia
20 June 2019

Blockchain & Real Estate with FIBREE Brisbane Chapter Kick-Off

San Francisco, California
10 June 2019

Real Estate Mini IPO

Milan, Italy
6 June 2019

Blockchain & Real Estate – FIBREE Milano MeetUp #3

Madrid, Spain
30 May 2019

Tokenización de Activos Inmobiliarios

Berlin, Germany
24 May 2019

Smart RE Blockchain, IoT & Data

Spain, Marbella
April, 30th, 2019

Presentacion Fibree – Málaga – Spain Roadshow 2019

Germany, Frankfurt a.M.
April, 30th, 2019

Blockchain for Real Estate

California, Irvine
April, 29th, 2019

Documenting Real Estate on The Blockchain – Part of the Blockchain RE Series


USA, New York City
March, 17th, 2019

FIBREE New York City Chapter Kickoff Blockchain & Real Estate Meeting


The Netherlands, Amsterdam
March, 21st, 2019

FIBREE-Meetup „Real Estate Tokenization & Digital Property DNA

Austria, Vienna
March, 21st, 2019

Blockchain and Real Estate – Basics of the technology and use cases

California, San Francisco
March, 18th, 2019

Critical mass for RE tokenization


Switzerland, Zurich
March, 6th, 2019

FIBREE Meet-Up „History was Written“ (March 2019)