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Ali Parandeh Zandpour – Trainer & Speaker

Interview featured by blocksquare.io

This interview is part of a series of conversations with leaders in blockchain for real estate, so our community can learn how blockchain is impacting real estate directly from experts worldwide.

Ali Parandeh Zandpour completed his graduate and postgraduate studies in Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering in 1998 in the UK, and after finishing his studies, he worked and lectured for several years in Iran, for a number of Institutes, advising on IT and internet matters. Ali also wrote 5 books during that time; “Welcome to the Internet”, “Internet for Business”, “Internet for Research”, “The Final Second” and “Introduction to Biotechnology & Genetics”. In 2000 he returned to Malaga, Spain — the closest place he can call home.

Ali thrives on finding solutions for providing a better service through the use of existing and upcoming technologies. He believes haven is life on this earth and life is a journey, not a destination. The final destination for all of us is the same but it is the journey that makes our lives unique.

“The only way you can find out (if something can work) is by doing it and following your heart.”

Ali Parandeh Zandpour

Q: Ali, tell us a little bit about your background.

A: I am a serial entrepreneur at heart. I have setup numerous companies closed a few and have sold two. I started programming when I was 14 on an Amstrad 6128 with 128K of memory. My passion was and remains to bring organisation to the disordered enterprises and the companies that I interact with on a daily basis, through the creation of efficient CRM systems. I hate waiting and I hate to make people wait for anything.

My new passion Urbytus came about in 2005 as I was elected the president of my Home Owners Association. While social networking is taking over our lives, we are growing apart from our neighbours, the people who live closest to us. However Urbytus is not a social networking platform or simply an online version of existing software, rather we have continually questioned why things get left undone and how we could improve on the old and outdated property management systems and methods.

Q: How did you get involved in blockchain?

A: About three years ago I got approached by two other friends (entrepreneurs) who suggested that we should look into this technology. After many months of brainstorming we realized that there is great use and potential for this technology in the HOA (Property Management) Industry.

Q:How do you see blockchain technology impacting real estate?

A: Currently, most uses and interest lie around the sales process, documentation and the legal process involved in property ownership and details. However, property maintenance is a much bigger market that dwarfs all the above put together. There is much need for transparency and proof of communication, better accounting practices, and fund management. Using Blockchain technology we can implement many of these required functionalities.

Q: What are you focusing on right now?

A: We are currently testing and working on how to best implement the first uses of this technology into the HOA sector. Just like the early days of any technology, we find that there is a lot of resistance and denial but as experience and history has shown it is only a matter of time. We need better technology to deal with the current issues and in particular that of accounting transparency and verified communications for legal purposes.

Q: What are your thoughts on the future of blockchain?

A: Blockchain is not a replacement, it is a tool or another way of doing something in a better way. So just like with the replacement of fossil fuel cars with electric cars, many of the older IT data processes will eventually get replaced. Yes currently implementation costs are higher and there are many unanswered/grey areas but it will only get better with time and support from the community.

Q: One final thought for our community at Blocksquare?

A: Over the past 30 years many people (friends, family, advisors, business angels) and so on put me off doing things by saying that it won’t work. If you have any doubts read the book “That won’t work” by the Founder of Netflix and forget all the negative advice. The only way you can find out is by doing it and following your heart.


Denis Petrovcic

CEO at Blocksquare.io / board member at fibree.org / Creative thinker / Entrepreneur / Adventurer

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