FIBREE Webinars

FIBREE will offer a webinar series based on monthly recurring 60 minutes online webinars with classified topics and best practices presented by FIBREE Working Groups and the FIBREE-network. Each webinar will contain 3 different keynotes and a moderated panel-discussion with space for Q&A from the audience.

Next Webinar

FIBREE Global Webinar #9 – Blockchain in Real Estate as a Source for Good

The next FIBREE webinar will take place
September 30, 2021 9:30 AM – 10:30 AM CEST

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This webinar will be organised with FIBREE’s partner Proptech for Good ( This is the agenda:


  • Blockchain for supply chain, by Professor Srinath Perera (Professor of Built Environment & Construction Management, Western Sydney University and Director at c4SMC)
  • New European Bauhaus, by Mr. Eric Peters (European Commission, Europe)
  • ESG-data structuring with blockchain, by Mr. Emiliyan Enev (Re-check, Bulgaria):
  • Transparency through Technology, by Mr. Andy Saull (CBRE Blockchain knowledge forum, United Kingdom)


  • Menno Lammers (Proptech for Good)
  • Jo Bronckers (FIBREE)

Upcoming Webinars

Main theme
September 30st, 2021 / 9:30am CET Webinar #10 – Blockchain in real estate as a source for good (joint webinar with PropTech for Good)
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October 28th, 2021 / 4:30am CET Webinar #11 – Official Launch of FIBREE’s Online Community Platform
November 25th, 2021 / 4:30am CET Webinar #12 – Investors perspective on Blockchain for Real Estate


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Webinar #8 – Industry Report 2021

FIBREE Webinar about „Industry Report 2021“ took place June 24th, 8:00 pm IST / 4:30 pm CET / 10:30 am ET / 7:30 am PDT, moderated by John Dean Markunas.

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Webinar #7 – Women of FIBREE

FIBREE Webinar about „Women of FIBREE“ took place May 27th, 2021, moderated by Sasha Levin. Internal moderated round table discussion. Empowering women within FIBREE to drive the diversity and inclusion-agenda.

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Webinar #6 – WG Unique Object Identifier

FIBREE Webinar about „Working Group Unique Object Identifier“ took place April 29th, 2021, moderated by Chris Dorian with keynotes from Jo Bronckers, Ranga Krishnan and Kevin O’Grady.

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Webinar #5 – DeFi and Real Estate: The Mechanics of decentralised trust (with UCL BREI)

FIBREE Webinar about „DeFi and Real Estate: The Mechanics of decentralised trust (with UCL BREI)“ took place March 17th, 2021, moderated by Jeremy Barnett and Irina Karagyaur with keynotes from George McDonaugh, Nic Cary, Thomas Wünsche, Yakub Sheikh, Sergei Lonshakov, Ajit Tripathi and Jonny Fry.

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Webinar #4 – Working Group: Land Registry

FIBREE Webinar about „Working Group: Land Registry“ took place February 25th, 2021, moderated by John Dean Markunas and with keynotes from Anetta Proskurovska, Glen Jordan, Maurizio Maria Gazzola and Rick Schmitz.

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Webinar #3 – Academic Board

FIBREE Webinar about „Academic Board“ took place January 28th, 2021, moderated by John Dean Markunas and with keynotes from Jan Veuger, Alan McNamara and Alexander Appelmans.

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Webinar #2 – Working Group: Tokenization

FIBREE Webinar about „Tokenization“ took place November 26th, 2020, moderated by Gordon Christian and with keynotes from Oliver Siah, Eiji Nagahara and Julian Kwan.

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Webinar #1 – FIBREE Industry Report

The first webinar, about the FIBREE Industry Report took place October 29th, 2020, moderated by John Dean Markunas and with keynotes from Achim jedelsky, Florian Huber and Yael Tamar / Ido Shacham.

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