FIBREE Webinars

FIBREE will offer a webinar series based on monthly recurring 60 minutes online webinars with classified topics and best practices presented by FIBREE Working Groups and the FIBREE-network. Each webinar will contain 3 different keynotes and a moderated panel-discussion with space for Q&A from the audience.

Next Webinar

Working Group: Tokenization

The next webinar, about „Working Group: Tokenization“ will take place November 26th, 2020, 9:30 am CET, moderated by Gordon Christian and with keynotes from Oliver Siah, Eiji Nagahara and Julian Kwan.


Upcoming Webinars

Main theme
26. November 2020 Working Group: Tokenization
28. January 2021 Academic Board
25. February 2021 Working Group: Land registry
25. March 2021 Working Group: UOI
29. April 2021 Working Group: Legal
27. May 2021 Working Group: Governance

* always starting at 4:30 pm CET

Previous Webinars

FIBREE Industry Report

The first webinar, about the FIBREE Industry Report took place October 29th, 2020, 4:30 pm CET, moderated by John Dean Markunas and with keynotes from Achim jedelsky, Florian Huber and Yael Tamar/ Ido Shacham.

Watch back recorded previous webinars

Webinar: Fibree Industry Report

Shortly after the webinar the recordings will be made available for those who missed it or want to look back. On this part of the website the link to these recordings will be presented.