Meet the Board

By bringing together the expertise of pioneers in this field and sharing knowledge and insights already gained, FIBREE wants to make an important contribution to the adoption and implementation of this technology in the real estate market in the coming years.

Achim Jedelsky

President – Berlin, Germany

Achim worked as architect and project manager in Germany and the UK and completed an MBA at Vlerick Business School. For six years he was head of IT at Daimler Real Estate. Currently he works as consultant for digital transformation and blockchain for the real estate industry.

2016 he started the meetup group ‘Blockchain for Real Estate’ in Berlin. He is founding member of the German Blockchain Association and advisory board member at Build Worlds.

Jo Bronckers

Vice President PR / Corporate Relations – Amsterdam, Netherlands

Jo has 20 years of experience in Real Estate at FGH Bank and Rabo Real Estate Division, DLL, IVBN, Vesteda. He is investigating blockchain-technology since 2014, with focus to its applicability to real estate processes.

Jo is founder of Blockchain2RealEstate, offering consultancy services to organisations that want to explore, develop or get connected to the right business partners to do the first experiments with blockchain in real estate.

Andrés Assmus

Board Member – Bogotá, Colombia

Andres is a forward-thinking, business leader and entrepreneur with several ventures under his belt. In 2014 he acknowledged Ethereum’s founders in Toronto, he started learning about Crypto & Blockchain. He has been working in several industries in Business development, for EMEA & The Americas market for almost 15 years.

In 2019 he helped as a Cofounder the first PropTech Association in Latam & bootstrapped CityZeen as the “Netflix of Neighborhoods” to improve community living by leveraging DLT & UAV technologies.

Cristina Campian

Board Member – Lisbon, Portugal

Financial/ Real Estate Operations | Prop Tech | DEFI | Contract Live Cycle | Project Management | Document Automation | AI | Lean | Agile | Real Estate Innovation | Exponential Organizations | Financial Design Thinking | Digital Transformation for Real Estate services I am an innovative financial advisor and versatile licensed realtor (Investments, GDPR, contracts, Tax, , Blockchain in Real Estate , Proptech) focused on improving real estate services, constantly working on digital transformation for the real estate industry with successful results based on my more than twenty years of experience in corporate finance and real estate.

My best aptitudes are creativity and resilience which have allowed me to develop expertise on new tech development (Project Management, Agile, Lean Management, Design Thinking…), playing an active role in FIBREE as an Executive Board Member for the use and application of Blockchain in the Real Estate industry and implementing new technologies (Document Automation, collaborative platforms, chatbots, document review and signature platforms…).

Founder of companies like, and creator of innovative projects like CEO of a Group of companies Mercury Vortex, Big Ed and Vanguard 88 bringing innovation and speed to high frequency digital asset trading.

Makram Hani

Board Member – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Entrepreneur, Investor, founder of several successful startups, speaker and corporate trainer, professional consultant and Executive advisor, with Nineteen years Sales, customer service, development and portfolio management experience.

Founder and CEO of Arms &McGregor International Group® including Arms &McGregor Leisure, Vacations, Investments and Realty ®. Aside of running Arms &McGregor International Realty ® Makram is also the Founder of BBP a specialist media and tech agency and have cofounded other Real estate brokerages similar to Morgan’s International Realty and Clemson porter Properties. Regional Chair of FIBREE, the Foundation for International Blockchain and Real Estate Expertise.

Makram is an author or 3 books and more than 200 articles.

Makram’s vision is to Revolutionize real estate as an asset class by Liquifying, adding transparency, removing imperfections and making it accessible. Makram’s concept Real estate 6.0 is considered the future of what the asset class will become.

Specialties: Proptech (tokenization & real estate related Block chain tech), Portfolio development and management, Syndication, Time Share, Fractional Ownership, Private residence club, Real estate, Creative Media Solutions

John Dean Markunas

Regional Development North America – Miami, USA

John is a real estate industry blockchain consultant based in Miami, Florida, where he is the Principal Consultant of his own firm, Power of Chain Consultancy LLC (PoC). Power of Chain provides blockchain advisory and business development services to startups and mid-size enterprises in the real estate sectors of green energy assets, tokenization, transactional, global land registries and land governance.

Rubens Neistein

Board Member – São Paulo, Brazil

I am a professional with experience in strategic planning and Blockchain applications for businesses and Real Estate market, mentoring startups and digital businesses.

Since 1999 I have developed several businesses in the Brazilian online market in partnership with other major entrepreneurs.

Over the past 5 years I have dedicated myself to promoting BlockChain technology and the digital assets market, contributing to the development and dissemination of new technologies that will provoke a new revolution in the way we deal with money and trust.

I am currently a Country Manager for CoinPayments, a board member of FIBREE and and a Co-Founder at Insignia.

Specializations: Entrepreneur, E-commerce, Digital Mktg, Startups, Digital Assets, Blockchain, CryptoCurrencies, Security Tokens, Real State Tokens

Kevin O’Grady

Secretary – London, UK

Kevin is an Experienced Commercial Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the Infrastructure sector. Strong program and project management, skilled in ICMS2 elemental cost planning, procurement, parametric estimation, RICS BIM Project Manager, Blockchain FIBREE London chair, BSI committee member for life cycle costing and RICS CPD trainer.

Denis Petrovcic

Governance Structure and Ethics – Ljubljana, Slovenia

Denis is a forward-thinking, open-minded entrepreneur with a passion for the unknown. After getting acquainted with Ethereum in early 2016 he immersed himself in studying blockchain technology and partnered up with Medius, an IT development company.

In 2018 Denis co-founded Blocksquare, a company leveraging blockchain technology to enable established real estate businesses worldwide to easily create and issue tokens linked to real estate properties, opening the world of real estate investments to anyone with an internet connection.

Walter Strametz

Treasurer / CFO – Zug, Switzerland

Walter is active in the blockchain industry since 2014 and contributed to about a dozen blockchain projects in Switzerland working as executive board member in the consulting industry. Today he is CTO of world’s first Crypto Bank „“ which is located with two headquarters in Switzerland and Singapore. For the German-Austrian-Swiss region he organizes the „“ which is the largest annual conference on blockchain and real estate in the FIBREE ecosystem. 


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